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He was despised and rejected by mankind,
a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.
Like one from whom people hide their faces
he was despised, and we held him in low esteem. (Isaiah 53:3 NIV)

So it’s Tuesday and for Remnant that means we are learning to lean on His strength and not our own. FASTING day.
The picture above and the scripture is where I am at. I have been asking who is this Man of Sorrows? This is part of a biblical commentary on the verse in Isaiah 53. I just wanted to dig a little deeper into what was being said here.
It made me think that how true is this prophecy even today.
Jesus wasn’t treated with honour or even respect then and is He even really now?
He had and has real feelings. He wasn’t unaware of the amount of hate people felt towards Him.
Oh gosh I mean who is this man?! My heart can’t stand that. Anyway it has lead me to asking the questions of respect and honour that I give Him now.

Today let’s meditate on the whole of Isaiah 53 the Man in whom it is speaking of and ask for our hearts to be touched by His life.

Let’s pray for revelation on where we are at? How real is the life of this Man Jesus actually real to us? Whatever you hear back pray from that place. I know personally I want my heart to melt at the mention of His name. I want to marvel at His whole entire existence and I want revelation.
Also let’s ask for perspective in the trials of life.

There are too many of us that think that God can’t handle our pain or that it’s only me going through trials. Don’t get me wrong I’am not trying to be little what you may be facing right now but what I do ask is that we ask the Lord for perspective and insight even comfort if that is what you need. Let’s not try and face trials WITHOUT Him. Jesus had to do it with YHWH. The fullness of the God head dwells in Him. Isaiah 50:7-9 shows me that Jesus had to trust the Lord God.

We are meeting tonight! So will see you there. Have a blessed day.